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Over the years, I've drawn from many different influences in genres ranging from Pop & Country to R&B and Soul. As a result, my music has become a vibrant  fusion of sounds and styles from each. The style I most strongly identify with is Blue-Eyed Soul.  

I'm not gonna give you references to artists that I sound like, because I don't want to sound like any other artist. If I do, then I've failed. My goal is to be so sonically unique that you- the listener- have nowhere else to turn. The reason I love soul music is for the very reason that it's called "soul" music in the first place. I can feel it in my soul. That's what I'm here to create. 

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My Story

I was born and raised south of Boston where I lived up until I graduated from college. Growing up with 4 siblings meant that there was a lot of pressure to follow similar paths. All of my siblings have gone on to work in finance, medicine, and law; that's not what I wanted for me. I've been writing songs and singing since I was 8 years old. Music is my purpose.

 So, I moved to  Nashville, TN in October of 2016. Since then,  my life has been more fulfilling than I could've ever imagined. It's all thanks to the love and support of  my fans. I can never thank you guys enough. 

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